From the President - Tom Renick

Hard to believe that another year is almost out of gas, but it has been a good one for the South Alabama British Car Club.

We've had several interesting outings dreamed up by the 1/18 scale-obsessed mind of Don Pritchett, who already has bigger forays in planning.

Several of us attended the car shows of our fellow British car aficionados and took the opportunity to show them our rides. To our members' credit, we brought home our share of the First Class bacon.

Club membership has increased by several, and we are especially glad to see younger folks taking an interest in vehicles built long before they were.

Our recent Christmas Luncheon was a palate teasing delight as usual. The staff at the Rock Creek Country Club are really on their toes and will abscond with your fork and plate almost when you are finished with them if you don't keep an eye on them. We can always expect first class service from them.

The highlight of the year is always our British Car Festival. This year everything as smooth as a newly greased tachometer cable. For the second year in a row, Brian Daly Excel-spread sheeted his committee to new heights of organizational splendor and we are can only wonder what he's going to do for next year. What can go wrong? Our sponsors came through like champs and we appreciate their continuing help. We couldn't hold the show without them.

In January is the Snowbird Fest at Orange Beach. Watch for date and time. In the past, British cars have had a special place in the parking lot and it's a good time to take your car and strike up conversations always starting with I used to have one of those.

As always, we hope that everyone has a Merry, Merry Christmas and that Santa brings you all plenty of toys for your cars - or another car; He can get it down the chimney; he's Santa.